AddaChange makes everyday CSR easy a as it facilitates the connection between businesses and NGOs in NEED of DONAITONS to change society and peoples lives.

The idea in short:

Together we can change the world


What is AddaChange:

AddaChange is an digital platform that makes it possible and easy for businesses to participate in social and environmental responsibility together with their customers.


What does AddaChange do:

AddaChange works as a connector that facilitates the interaction between Social or environmental projects in need of donations and businesses willing to commit to a CSR program together with their cusotmers.


How does it work:

The function of AddaChange consists of connecting three main actors of NGOs, Businesses and Customers. The NGO is a non profit organisation or a social venture working towards a positive change that can be accomplished/boosted through an economical contribution. The businesses are established companies or organisations that are willing to commit/outsource to a CSR-program. The customers shopping at the businesses connected to AddaChange have the oppertunity to contribute through a minor add-on donation while purchasing something from the businesses. Thus the customers AddaChange (read money) while shopping at the businesses so that the NOG's can AddaChange (read positive change) for the social or environmental project that they are committed to. If the customer decides to AddaChange the business will match the amount so that both parts are commited togehter. Its also possible for the businesses to always contribute with a minor donation while a customer shops above a certain amount or on many occurances. AddaChange will have a number of different social and environmental projects to choose from and the customer will choose which one of them that will recevie the donation.


Apart from being a connector between the NGOs, customers and the Businesses, AddAChange is also to acts as a quality stamp, ensuring that the donation is spent by the NGO as promised.


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In order to provide our partners and customers using our service with the highest quality possible we act after and fully commit to the following principles: